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We opened Staff of Life in 1997. Making our handmade artisan breads in Kendal at home and selling it in our local indoor market. Two years later we had expanded so much (quite literally in my wife's case as she was 9 months pregnant!!) that we opened our present bakery, and we are still here today. We also offer bread making courses.

We make all our breads daily by hand. They are mixed the night before and left to slowly rise using little yeast or salt. We also pride ourselves in our sourdoughs using local damsons and elderflowers.

You can also have a go at bread making yourself. We run baking courses from the bakery.

Every day we make 100% wholemeals, light ryes with caraway, 100% rye, sourdoughs, filled Italian style breads, Rustica, Stromboli, a large Italian style bread studded with olives, chilli, peppers, garlic and covered with cheese, as well as sesonal specials, scones and a large range of cakes.

Our History 

The original Artisan Bakery